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"Do the impossible....change the world."

Throughout history, humanity has told stories of extraordinary people with powers and abilities beyond those of ordinary, everyday men and women. In the distant past these people were epic heroes, demigods or saints. In recent years, they were characters in pulp and speculative fiction, comic books and film. As the stories of paragons shifted from myth and legend to popular entertainment, it became more and more clear that they were not real, just power-fantasies and archetypes. Or so everyone thought. 

Welcome to a world where "reality" doesn't mean quite the same thing it used to, where the word "impossible" is used conditionally, when it has any meaning at all. A world where you will truly believe a man can fly because you might see it on the evening news. God-like beings walk the Earth: men and women who can change the course of mighty rivers or bend steel in their bare hands. While no one knows their true origins, it cannot be denied that their existence changes everything and "normal" may never truly be normal again. 

Welcome to a world of normal people with extraordinary powers. Welcome to the world of Extras.


This wiki details characters and events set in the campaign setting, and as such characters from every campaign have pages contained herein. Please note that the two campaigns are set in different time-frames and that characters and events in one do not necessarily count in the other. 

There are two primary campaigns that take place within the world of Extras:

The Extras [Campaign 1]

Set in 2013, Margot Audley is forced to leave her home in London and begin a new life in the United States with her grandfather. After encountering a freak storm at a party, she finds she has been endowed with incredible abilities, and she's not the only one. Now, Margot and her friends must learn to balance their social and family lives while also learning to cope and control with their powers and the rising number of crazed, violent extrahumans.  

Generation X [Campaign 2]

Set in 1967, Annabelle Babin is a roguish young woman with the power to bend and traverse time who is recruited into the enigmatic Rhoades Institutde along with a number of other superhuman individuals. Now in addition to mastering their powers and their own psyches, Anna and her teammates travel the country, looking for others like them while at the same time trying to keep one step ahead of the scoundrel Jude Smith and his own legion of powered humans.  The Extras Universe (The EU) is a role-playing game campaign setting of DM Aaron Ruge's creation, used with a system also devised by him. All pictures are used without permission for recreational purposes and no copyright infringement is intended.

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